Monin, sabores del mundo para expertos en cocteleríaMonin, flavors of the world for experts

Monin, sabores del mundo para expertos en cocteleríaMonin, flavors of the world for experts

Aromas que encantan a los clientes y ayudan a los profesionales

Monin ofrece más de 200 jarabes, salsas, purés y smoothies diseñados para agregar sabor y valor a bebidas especiales. Los productos Monin Gourmet Flavoring son el sabor más elegido a nivel mundial y ofrecen un compromiso superior de alta calidad para brindar a los profesionales el mejor resultado.



Como novedad Monin presenta ahora un curioso sabor: el Hickory Smoke Sirop, o Jarabe de Humo de Leña, con el que agregan el sabor natural  e intenso del ahumadero al aire libre a distintas aplicaciones. Los métodos de cocinar tales como ahumado, tostado, asado son aromas derivados de técnicas culinarias que se han puesto de moda actualmente.

Aromas that delight customers and help professionals

Monin offers more than 200 syrups , sauces , purees and smoothies designed to add flavor and value to special drinks. Monin Gourmet Flavoring products are the most chosen worldwide and offer superior taste and commitment in providing professionals high quality for the best result.


Monin has now a new and curious flavor: Hickory Smoke Syrup, adding to the natural and intense flavor of outdoor smokehouse different applications. smoked and roasted , flavors are derived from cooking techniques that have now become very fashionable .descarga

Made with the finest ingredients and no artificial components, Syrup Monin Wood smoke is highly concentrated so it has an authentic flavor that offers a creative solution for designing a special and memorable drink. This flavor is very versatile , especially for margaritas , mojitos , hot chocolates, iced teas, lemonades and others. In addition, blends perfectly with other Monin syrups flavored with fruit or fruit purees for a cool smoky flavor .

Furthermore, Monin also thought about the comfort of the professionals when working. This is reflected in their packaging , and in a plastic bottle of 1 liter is much easier to use and store behind the bar or in the kitchen than other formats .